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Royal Academy of Dance - Ballet Examination Syllabus

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Welcome to the Jacqueline Harman School of Ballet

Welcome to the wonderful world of classical ballet. Here is where your child will take a journey of self discovery. They will learn the artistry, technique and freedom that classical ballet has to offer. Culture deportment, posture and self discipline are all features of a classical education. Not only are they learning a new skill they are establishing a fitness routine that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Controlling and shaping the body into a beautiful and elegant streamlined dancer.

The Royal Academy of Dance have created a new syllabus which is everything a child will need to develop a strong technique in classical ballet.

Classes are delivered with preparation and dedication to accommodate each pupil’s development. The whole child is trained using props and different styles of teaching techniques and music. Musicality, rhythm, self expression and improvisation are also important which are incorporated into each class.

I truly believe that ballet is the first step to understanding how the body works in an educated, expressive and creative manor. I have been very successful on the professional stage using my strong classical training to achieve all that I wanted to.

I hope that you will take a moment to look through the web site.

Miss Jacqui