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Royal Academy of Dance - Ballet Examination Syllabus


Term Info Spring 2018

Term Dates Spring 2018
Friday 5th January 2018 to Thursday 29th March 2018

Half Term
Monday 12th February 2018 to Sunday 18th February 2018

New Syllabus

The Royal Academy of Dance launched the final part for the moment of the new children's ballet syllabus grades four and five this January 2014 in London. Just after the New Year teachers were invited to attend the launch of grades four and five at the Mermaid Theatre in London. Then during the Easter break we attended a teacher training course to learn the new syllabus which will go live to be examined in January 2015.
We know that dance is always evolving with different genres and styles, ballet too is constantly moving forward, the RAD recognise this and adjust to accommodate new demands that include healthier living and eating life styles. More fitter, stronger, capable bodies and minds need a spectrum of dance steps to achieve the best potential. The younger pupils have embraced the new grade one, two and three and so have I, giving me new ideas and ways to deliver the steps and dances. 
This is where the hard work begins but as always the children rise to the challenge and step up to the plate (or ballet barre) and soak-up everything I teach them up like a sponge.
One of my favourite new additions to the syllabus is the wonderful new orchestral music that has been custom made and recorded for all the exercises and dances. There are also modern pieces of music from musicals and shows as well as traditional ballet music that the children may already know or will become familiar with. One beautiful piece is a Welsh Lullaby used for the grade three Adage.


New pupils parents often say to me on the phone "I don't think my child has the right body shape to be a ballerina but she loves to dance round the living room when music is on the radio or television. That is just it. It is the key to switch on the love of movement, self expression and appreciation of music. My job is to train that raw movement into an understanding of how, what and why. Music! Music! Music! This is why I love to dance!

Miss Jaqui